Turbo 350 Transmission

But as a rule the r4 holds about 11 Quarts. TV Cable Adjustment Adjusting the TV cable is a relatively easy process that allows you to change the shift points of your vehicle. It will fix a R4 that has really firm shifts, or shifts that feel to sluggish. It is important to make sure that this cable is in adjustment. There is a little semi-circle looking button that you press in. I think this write up is a phenomenal resource on adjusting a TV cable. TH to R4 conversion The swap is relatively straightforward. You will need to do just a few things. The transmission mount location on the R4 is also a few inches further back

General Motors Turbo-Hydramatic 350

Can you tell me what would be involved in putting a turbo trans behind a olds cubic inch motor? Modern ATF fluids further degrade shift performance. Making an upgrade to a TH transmission would certainly improve performance and reliability, although I would suggest going one step further and adding overdrive with the use of a r4 or 4L60 transmission. The original Slim Jim transmission is a relatively narrow transmission and upgrading to the TH may require some modifications to the transmission tunnel in your floor, A TH may be an easier fit and can be built to handle most anything you throw at it.

The next challenge is connecting the engine to the transmission. The Olds engine has a deep skirt cast into the back of the block, making it difficult to join the two together.

Oct 25,  · Quick Turbo question on cooling lines bigdee2. V-6 Camaros rule! Posts: 55 how do the cooling lines normally connect – top line from the trannie to the top fitting on the radiator/transmission cooler? Lower line to the lower fitting? Either way you hook it up make sure you flush the crap from the trans lines and if reusing the.

The and later units when in “Drive” started in low and automatically up shifted to high at a speed determined by the throttle opening. By the mid s, more than half of all new Chevrolets were sold with Powerglide. In , GM started building Air Cooled Powerglides in aluminium , primarily for use in the new model Chevy II, which required a lightweight transmission for its compact body, and discontinued the cast iron Powerglides in A heavy duty version of Aluminium Powerglide was offered for passenger cars equipped with the cubic inch V8 engine , and Chevrolet light trucks using a 1.

One notable exception was the export version of the transmission, which offered only the 1. Holden vehicles fitted with Chevrolet V8 engines used the 1. The Powerglide continued to serve as Chevrolet’s main automatic transmission through the s, when a new three-speed automatic transmission called Turbo-Hydramatic introduction began to be phased in. They were introduced in Buicks and Cadillacs the previous year.

Usually, Powerglides were coupled behind the small block V8s and the third-generation inline six-cylinder engine and inline four-cylinder engines. By the late s, demand for two-speed automatic transmissions was dwindling as buyers were demanding three-speed units Ford, Chrysler and American Motors had already switched entirely to three-speed automatics by this time.

E-Z Column Shift Automatic Transmission Shifter Linkage Kit

The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is

The turbo transmission works well with engines up to horsepower. There is a wide selection of transmissions on eBay, including all the necessary equipment for you to install it from your own garage.

If your speedometer reads wrong, don’t suffer. A very easy operation. Simply lift the front of the car and find the cable going to the side of the tranny. The cable is removed easily and the gear slides into a metal housing that also is easily pried out of the tranny with a screwdriver. You need to calculate how far off your speedo is before you pull the gear. This particular gear has 22 teeth, so buying the 20 tooth gear makes the speedo more accurate, although I think it is still around 2 mph short at 70 MPH.

Anyway, the point is, if you have an inaccurate speedo, its a very easy fix and inexpensive too. However, ensure the reason that your speedo is off because a different plastic gear is used for your specific combination of differential gears, tire diameter and transmision. Check the manufacturer info on things like recommended tire size, rear end ratio, drive gear in the transmission pain in the butt if this is wrong , and driven gear specs.

If you require a reduction gear, that info is on there too. Especially if you have numerically high gear ratios like 3. All these things matched together equal fairly accurate speedo readings. The C-clamp method of compressing the clutch packs took a couple of extra hands be sure to compress the C-clamps evenly and there were a ton of small parts to keep track of.

Everything About GM Transmissions

Forward Clutch Pack Installation Step 1: Install the forward clutch pack steels and frictions. Note that you start out with a waved apply steel. Install the snap ring and push it out tightly into the groove. Soak the frictions in ATF for at least 15 minutes prior to installation.

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Find them on Amazon. Supplies needed for a rebuild: Slightly later shifts are popular for when towing or carrying a heavy load, keeping the transmission in the lower gears for a few extra miles per hour. If you get a drop of transmission fluid when you pull the rubber hose off of this left end, the modulator is bad and it is letting trans fluid be sucked up into the intake manifold. This often explains why you needed to add fluid occasionally yet there was no leaking on to the ground.

If the modulator is not plugged into proper vacumn, the trans will shift very late. It goes to the intake manifold, not to the carburetor. With the engine idling in park, vehicle supported safely, pull off the hose at rear of the modulator. Feel for light suction from the hose end that had been on the modulator. A rebuilding secret: If the torque converter is not ‘in’ all the way some use a ‘3 clicks’ method to determine this prior to the bellhousing bolts being tightened, the converter’s hub can break the pump gear, leaving the transmission useless.

kickdown cable install

We offer several versions of this trans for applications up to horsepower. This trans has a low first gear ratio of 3. This trans was built with a Chevy only bolt pattern, but we have a package for Buick, Olds, Pontiac, and Cadillac people so you can enjoy the benefits of this excellent transmission too.

Mar 04,  · Holley offers tips on properly setting up the transmission kickdown levers on GM Turbo Hydro and automatic transmissions. The video also demonstrates how to .

Next Page of R4 info. My manual explains how to adjust the cable, but it doesn’t seem like its describing too good cause I can’t follow it at all. Actually all the parts you need for the Lockup convertor to work is already in the unit. I have never seen the need for a brake light switch from a late model vehicle to cancel lock up of the converter.

Sumner, non computer shifted ‘s have pressure switches and a wiring harness in them that can be modified for 4th gear lock only. And you can use the square OEM case connector too. The single wire case connector looks cleaner and some ppl cannot figure out the proper hole to put 12 volts into on the OEM case connector. Only need to hook up 12 volts to the case connector for the convertor lock up.

With my system you do not have separate switch for convertor control like some kits provide.

Difference in short shaft Turbo 350 tranny and a long shaft Turbo 350?

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May 09,  · just a vid of how i had to hook up my kickdown cable.

Ford has released two customer satisfaction recalls for the 7. If your truck is registered in a state requiring additional emissions coverage, and you had a qualifying repair performed within the above dates, and you or the servicing dealer has the original repair invoice, you may be eligible for a refund of the deductible. You only qualify for a refund if you paid the deductible.

Deductibles paid by the dealership or an extended warranty are not eligible. This program is in effect until November 30, This may be caused by power steering fluid contamination in the hydroboost system. There is a procedure for installing a temporary filter between the power steering pump and cooler to clean the system. After the cleaning procedure is complete and no brake grabbing or excessive steering effort is felt, remove and discard the filter.

If brake grabbing continues, replace the hydroboost unit. Starting in May the primary fuel filter in the frame mounted fuel pump is now marked with an “FF”. This mark is present on filters installed at the factory on either the truck or a replacement fuel pump. This will identify filters that have not been replaced at the recommended intervals. Some F-SuperDuty trucks with manual transmission may exhibit a variety of clutch pedal concerns.

Varify the slave cylinder heat shield at the transmission is in place.

Bad governor gear on turbo 350/400 transmission

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