God Didn’t (and Won’t) Tell You to Marry Your Spouse

I have heard people say that they were not equally yoked with someone because of a different upbringing, decision making process, beliefs, finances, education, location and even appearance. That stuff has nothing to do with being equally yoked! A relationship with another person could be a marriage. If two people go to church together that does not mean that they are equally yoked. If one person goes to one church and the other person goes to another church, can they still be equally yoked? If one person goes to church and the other person does not go to church can they still be equally yoked?

Romances with Wolves

Trump Promises to Protect Religious Freedom He offered another glimpse into the depth of his piety when he veered off script in his acceptance speech last year at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. His prepared remarks had him say: Trump has repaid this fanboy congregation by putting eight white evangelicals in his God Squad of a Cabinet Ben Carson, the ninth Cabinet evangelical, is black.

And they have dispensed with secular expertise at almost every level.

EF5 tornadoes pack destructive winds approaching mph! Few would deny that severe weather is a world problem, alongside earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and drought. The Bible says that the creation groans and people suffer as a result of the Fall (Rom .

Life-saving information about 10 carefully concealed traps which can keep you from ever having a beautiful marriage and a happy home. On the surface, it looks harmless, but when you walk on it, you fall into a deep pit. Let us consider ten of them. We are bombarded with the idea: It is the rest of your life here, and forever in the next world.

If you reject Christ and end up in hell, you are not there for the weekend. Recognize the seriousness and sacredness of life.

Dating And Relationships

I had one highly experienced deliverance minister tell me that spirits of rejection are among some of the most common demons that he has encountered throughout his ministry. It seems that almost everybody is affected by rejection to some degree. It’s vital to understand how it works, and how to apply the cure.

Learn about the meaning of God’s grace in Christianity, plus see examples of the word used in the Bible.

Socialize When is an acceptable age to start dating? After all, everyone is a different individual and their situations and maturity will vary greatly. Something that is acceptable for one person may not be acceptable for another. Also keep in mind 1 Corinthians Biblical principles to help decide if dating is OK for you right now. First of all, if your parents have said that you are not allowed to date, then you must obey their rules.

Why do you want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? What is it about having one that attracts you to the idea?

What Does the Bible Say About Same Sex Marriage? Is it Sin?

But the Bible uses the word fear at least times in reference to God, so we make a mistake when we downplay it. The subject becomes even more mysterious when we read something like 1 John 4: How can we fear God while he expels all fear?

Firstly, to believe that God used the means of death disease and bloodshed (aka evolutionary processes) to bring about his “very good” creation completely goes against scripture.

Candice January 11, at We were living in fornication even though I did not enjoy only did it to please him and keep him because everyone told me no man can live without sex in this age. I would always repent and ask the father for forgiveness and we would stop. But with every chance he had to lure me in he would use it and I would give in but I knew I was the strong one because I never initiated sex nor did I entertain it in my mind or plan it.

I loved him because he said he was saved but I saw no Christ in him. He is a violent man, was violent to everyone but me.

What Does the Bible Have to Say About Dating?

Home Dating Cousins Is it right to date your cousin? I can’t find anything in the Bible about this subject, but we are taught that it is not right to date your family. I am having a problem with this because my child is dating my 3rd cousin, and in my heart I feel it is wrong. I am the LORD.

Individual revelation. Thomas Aquinas believed in two types of individual revelation from God, general revelation and special general revelation, God reveals himself through his creation, such that at least some truths about God can be learned by the empirical study of nature, physics, cosmology, etc., to an l revelation is the knowledge of God and spiritual.

December 2, , 1: I believe in my Lord Jesus and will talk about him every step of the way. Jan Smith August 22, , You can help by sharing it with others. Maybe put a link on a social media account Facebook, etc. Saddles August 15, , 2: Will I still have my mustard seed faith and still growing their are times when we can get off guard and slip.

Sure we can go thru all types of trails in our life but knowing God and his Son Jesus one has a better prospective to face the wiles of the devil. Jan Smith August 21, , But I also notice that the more I choose to keep my focus on this conflict between the spiritual realm and the natural realm, the easier it gets.

Where In The Bible Does It Say Christians Shouldn’t Dance?

Subscribe to the CompellingTruth. What does the Bible say about engagement? A Christian engagement should reflect the fact that marriage is a God-created, God-ordained institution meant to support individuals in a loving relationship and strengthen them to serve God and others. Scripture is specific that the couple should remove themselves from their childhood families and be devoted to one another Mark The Bible also says that disloyalty to the marriage commitment is akin to rejecting God.

DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED / BECOME A CHILD OF GOD & A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST??? As mentioned above, salvation is a FREE GIFT and salvation is not received by works but it is received by FAITH in Jesus Christ.

A slave worships his owner, the assembled of Satan worship an angel, and Roman soldiers mocking Jesus worship him. By translating the same word different ways, these modern Bibles are adding a bit of linguistic support to the idea that the people who knew Jesus understood him to be God. In other words, with a little translational trickery, a fundamental tenet of Christianity—that Jesus is God—was reinforced in the Bible, even in places where it directly contradicts the rest of the verse.

But the publishers of some Bibles decided to insert their beliefs into translations that had nothing to do with the Greek. Which raises a big issue for Christians: So where does the clear declaration of God and Jesus as part of a triumvirate appear in the Greek manuscripts? And in that deception lies a story of mass killings. It seems nonsensical, but the belief that he refused to convey a clear message has led to the slaughter of many thousands of Christians by Christians. In fact, Christians are believed to have massacred more followers of Jesus than any other group or nation.

Groups who believed Jesus was two entities—God and man—killed those who thought Jesus was merely flesh and blood.

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